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VICHAYITO is the most exclusive beach in Peru. Every year, thousands of tourists come to enjoy the clear blue skies, soft sands, gentle warm weather, and perfect balance of tranquility and entertainment.

Our BEACHFRONT LUXURY BUNGALOW is perfect for digital nomads, as a vacation home, online work. Make your dream of living or working on the beach a reality.

• Has Property Title (R.R.P.P)

• 205 square meters in "front row," the pristine beach and ocean is all yours

• Lovely quiet and safe neighborhood

• Unmatched view on the ocean and sunset

• Reliable internet, there is coverage for Starlink for 100% reliable internet

• Includes solar systems, skip the outages in this rural area

• Unmatched view on the ocean and sunset

• Fully equipped! Small pool, well designed outdoor kitchen, beautiful beachfront garden with grass/grill, private entrance with driveway, oversized water and sewage tanks, air conditioning, washing machine, water heater, modern furniture including 3 beds and sofa bed...

• Can easily be rented out for passive income

• The asking price is low

Asking price $280,000 USD


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